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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Sep 23, 2019


We’re starting a brand new 6 episode series on the most common online offers, giving them a more concrete definition, talking about the pros and cons of each, what you can expect as far as marketing, overhead, and revenue. Basically all the things.

As modern therapists, we’ve all heard about online coaching but there is so much more to the industry than life coaching. In fact, wherever there is an individual who wants to walk through their challenges with another person, there is an opportunity for coaching.

These challenges can be emotional and relational. OR, they can fall into other categories like health, business, achievement, and so much more. 

Coaching can feel like the answer to our prayers as we look for a way to live a lighter lifestyle without the income ceilings or impact limitations of therapy. I mean, it's basically way more money for the exact same type of work.

Yet, while there are many upsides to coaching, there are definite drawbacks too.

So in this episode we're zooming in on coaching to help you decide if this is the right business model for you. By examining things like income potential, marketing effort, and scalability, you can get the clarity and confidence you're looking for to turn your what if's about online income into how to's.

If you're still deciding, click here to take my new quiz and find out which online income stream would work best for your values, work style, and entrepreneurial goals.