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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Oct 2, 2019

WHAT IF to HOW TO: Group Programs 

We’re working our way through a new series on the podcast exploring the 6 different types of online offers - yep you heard that right 6, giving them a more concrete definition, talking about the pros and cons of each, what you can expect as far as marketing, overhead, and revenue. Basically all the things. 

Today I'm sharing my favorite online income stream, group programs!

While courses focus on mastery, group programs are all about growth.

The group setting lets each member be exposed to a variety of opinions and points of view which can stretch them out of their comfort zone. They also get to witness people on different points in their business journey. Creating such close personal connections makes building community easy.

Now as much as I love group programs, they don't come without their cons. And I'm sharing all of them in this episode. 

If you’re still deciding on your ideal online income stream, click here to take my new quiz and find out which one would work best for your values, work style, and entrepreneurial goals.