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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Jul 6, 2020

For this coaching call, I talk with Lauren, a couples and family therapy graduate student who has a thriving astrology business.

What's really interesting about Lauren is that she isn’t new to the business world. Before working toward her MFT, she freelanced as a yoga instructor, hosted retreats, and several other entrepreneurial endeavors.

While they seemed a little disjointed at first, we quickly discovered Lauren's yearn to guide people toward deeper meaning unites everything she does.

Lauren is ready to break free from the familiar while using proven strategies to catapult her into something new. I love this episode because I get to geek out over astrology while helping an Empathy Rising community member explore different ways to expand her already successful business beyond one on one work with a program that truly feels aligned.

Learn more about Lauren's practical astrology readings here

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