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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Feb 10, 2020

As therapists, we owe a lot to the regulations of our profession. They protect us and hold the therapy industry to high standards. And even more importantly, they ensure that our clients are looked after during times of their lives they might not be in the best positions to look after themselves.

But, if I'm honest, sometimes the rules outlined by our state boards feel a lot like red tape. And they can make it feel as if we're a bit handcuffed when it comes to making money and helping others.

For this coaching call, I talk with Brianna, a therapist living in Kentucky who was building a thriving practice and had to shut it all down when her state made updates to its policies.

Determined to add extra revenue on her own terms, Brianna is in the process of creating an online income stream. And on this episode we talk through creating a membership site and how to get super clear on her offer.

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