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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Jan 20, 2020

Where are my high-achievers at? We get things done, we run to challenges and put our all into our work. Being a go-getter is great for our practices and our clients. But do you feel like wanting the best is getting in the way of you starting your side hustle?

You’re not alone.

My friend and Side Hustle Alumna, Marinelle Reynolds knows what it’s like to have perfectionism take hold of her progress as an entrepreneur.

There are two paths high-achievers take when wanting to start a business. They either want to take all the online courses in the world or they are too overwhelmed by fear to even begin to think about it.

That’s why Marinelle created a new path, a middle path. Through teaching DBT skills she’s helping women to stop hustling for their worth and let go of perfection.

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