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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Jan 21, 2019

Business building has a tendency...

to take over our lives.

Seriously, I think anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit has a bit of tunnel vision and therapists in private practice are no exception.

And while there is a special flavor of dopamine that comes from surpassing business goals, chasing the high that comes with a successful practice can often lead us to forget about the other areas of our lives that are important.

Maybe for you, that means scheduling sessions on weekends when you’d rather be with your family and friends. Or evenings that cause you to miss the championship game, the engagement party, or the promotion ceremony.

Something I think we need to pay more attention to is the balance we can achieve when we set boundaries.

So in this episode, I’m exploring what boundaries I’ve set in my own business, which I’m still chasing, and how I’m working on my mindset.



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