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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Feb 25, 2019

There’s no getting around it, in 2019 you need a website. The Yellow Pages are extinct. Even if you give out a business card, it goes straight into someone’s purse or wallet. Even if they are trying to remember your address or check your business hours, they are pulling out their phone and looking you up online.

But, if you’re gonna pay for a website, you want it to be an asset for your practice, and you want to earn a return on that investment.

The truth is, your website is one of the marketing features of your practice that has the most potential. It’s a resource for clients at all hours, allows you to take advantage of both push and pull marketing, and is an online home for existing clients and followers.

I think most people get overwhelmed here because the potential of a website is so great, that they think they have to capitalize on every single website strategy to be effective, but the truth is, you can narrow in on ONE or maybe TWO until you feel like you’ve got them down and then slowly branch into the others.

The lack of education, or more likely, the plethora of unorganized information, leads a lot of therapists to make some simple mistakes with their website. So let’s dive into the seven most common mistakes I see on therapy websites and how to fix them. Cause once you make these tweaks your website will turn into a client converting machine.

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