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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Nov 4, 2019

The truth is offer creation is the most important part of your online income stream. It’s the thing that needs to be dialed in before you can make sales and it’s really the bedrock or building block for everything else.

When you’ve fully brainstormed your offer, when you’ve organized your ideas, fleshed them out, taken the care to make sure they’re ethical, and gotten the clarity you need, your coaching package, course, membership site, or group program is so much easier to create and sell.

But not only that, it protects your license and actually helps people too.

All too often I see entrepreneurs take the round-a-bout way to create their programs. If you want to know what can go wrong when therapists move into online income streams - and why it’s important to get it right - this is the episode for you.

Hit play and listen to the 5 mistakes to avoid when making your online offer.

Wanna dig into the details of offer creation? Walk through step-by-step how to brainstorm your offer so that it is ethically minded, designed to sell, provides tons of value and is transformational for the customer with me this weekend at the Person-Centered Passions Workshop November 9th. Click here to sign up.