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Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Apr 13, 2020

It’s undeniable that one of the biggest concerns of starting a side hustle is not having the time. Therapists come to me wanting to diversify their caseloads, take back control of their businesses and have an income stream outside of the therapy room. But they're always concerned with is how much time it's going to take.

Don’t get me wrong, building an online income stream doesn't happen overnight. If you want to add a supplemental arm to your practice, you’re going to have to make some decisions with your time and sometimes those decisions are going to be difficult.

My goal for you is to be able to make those hard decisions with more confidence.

When we don’t know where the time is coming from to spend on our side hustle and what we’re doing with that time that’s when overwhelm kicks in. 

Today I’m sharing how I arrived at a 16 hours a week and what I prioritize with that time.

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